Are competition kettlebells better?

Are competition kettlebells bigger?

Competition kettlebells tend to be larger with a smaller and squarer handle. The size of the competition kettlebell bell stays the same regardless of weight, this helps will consistency as you change weight. The handle is smaller to avoid sliding and lateral movement of the hand.

Are competition kettlebells good for swings?

It is your choice if you want to use the competition kettlebell for your two-handed swings, but there should not be any reason you can’t. Many people find that the smaller window actually improves their ability to perform all kettlebell movements, including swings. How can I use the competition kettlebell?

Are vinyl kettlebells any good?

When you’re shopping for workout gear, investing in a good, high-quality kettlebell is the best way to go. … Purchase a solid cast-iron kettlebell without a vinyl coating. Vinyl coating doesn’t enhance performance or protect your floors, and it won’t have much longevity as it starts to crack and peel.

What makes a competition kettlebell?

Competition kettlebells are made from steel, not iron and this makes them slightly more durable than iron kettlebells. … They have a larger mass in the ball of the kettlebell, imparting different, and many think, better ballistic properties due to this larger center mass.

Do cast iron kettlebells rust?

Although, rust can also be removed by spraying the kettlebell with WD40, or by using household products. Kettlebells are not cheap, especially those that are made of cast iron or steel, which is why we shouldn’t throw them away when they rust; instead, we can easily clean them up and restore them for continued use.

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Are steel kettlebells good?

However, kettlebells made of steel will last a lifetime. … They are very durable and won’t be as prone to rusting as cast iron kettlebells. If you look closely at the different weights of a brand of competition kettlebells you’ll notice the size of each is the same.

Why are some kettlebells so big?

The cast iron kettlebell is produced from one solid piece of metal so unlike the competition kettlebell the size will increase with the weight.


Competition Kettlebell Cast Iron Kettlebell
Less grip fatigue Increased grip fatigue

Are kettlebells durable?

They get tired, lose concentration, and lose grip of the weight, allowing it to crash to the ground. Now, kettlebells are sturdy and can handle a considerably forceful impact. But everything has a breaking point – and landing on hard concrete with such impact can snap the handle right off.

How do you start a kettlebell sport?

Getting started in Kettlebell Sport:

  1. Buy a pair of competition kettlebells. …
  2. Find a coach in your area who can show you the basics. …
  3. Master the technique with LIGHT (8-12kg) kettlebells before increasing weight. …
  6. Practice!
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