How much does a spinlock dumbbell bar weigh?

How much does a spinlock weigh?

5 FT bar weighs 5.8 KG. 6 FT bar weighs 6.8 KG.

How much do spinlock dumbbell handles weigh?

The spinlock dumbbell handle bar is 5lbs and come complete with two heavy spin lock collars with a rubber grip inside to lock tightly to your weight plates. These dumbbell handles offer a cost effect option for a complete set of dumbbells by simply purchasing a set of plate weights to interchange on each handle.

How long should dumbbell handles be?

Most spin-lock dumbbell handles are 14 inches long. Six inches of that the grip area. That leaves 4 inches of threaded area on each side. But when you account for the locks, which are about a half-inch each, you only have about 3.5 inches per side for weight plates.

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