What household items can you use to make a home gym?

What can I use if I don’t have workout equipment?

To replace an exercise bench or plyometric box you can use: A regular living room or kitchen chair.

To replace free weights and kettle bells you can use:

  1. Water bottles.
  2. Water jugs.
  3. A case of water.
  4. Soup cans.
  5. Laundry detergent jugs.
  6. Fill a reusable bag with anything that has weight to it (like books)

What can I use if I don’t have sliders?

Paper plates (for carpeted rooms) and socks (for hard floors) are perfect substitutes for sliders. We use them all the time during FX Fitness’ Slider Workout and Marie Christine’s Dance & Fitness Glider Burn.

What can I use instead of a barbell at home?

Substitutes For Barbells

  1. Dumbbells. An obvious substitute for barbells, found next to barbell sets in many gyms, are dumbbells.
  2. Resistance Bands. …
  3. Kettlebells. …
  4. Weight Machines. …
  5. Body Weight Exercises.

What can I use instead of a step?

Step stools are ideal for step-ups. Instead of purchasing an actual step platform like the ones used in aerobics classes, you can use your household version (though you may need to brace it against a wall to keep it from sliding forward).

How do you make homemade weights at home?

Make Dumbbells With Plastic Beverage Containers

  1. One two-liter soda bottle = 4-1/2 lbs. water or 6-3/4 lbs. sand.
  2. One gallon milk bottle = 8-1/3 lbs. water or 12-3/4 lbs. sand.
  3. One 1/2 gallon milk bottle = 4-1/4 lbs. water or 6-1/3 lbs. sand.
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Can you use water bottles as weights?

A full 16-ounce water bottle weight approximately 1 pound and can be used in place of dumbbells for arm exercises such as arm curls, arm overhead extensions and arm overhead presses.

How do you make homemade weights?

Put leftover water bottles or half-gallon milk jugs to good use by making these dumbbells by The Good Mama. If the small bottles eventually stop being a challenge, simply fill up larger bottles (like one-gallon milk jugs) with water, rocks, or sand, and keep on lifting!

Can I use an exercise ball instead of a bench?

Swiss balls are currently used to replace stable benches during the performance of upper body strength training exercises.

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