How do you use a Mexican yoga blanket?

A must-have for any yogi, our exquisite Mexican yoga blanket is sure to turn heads in the studio. Add comfort and style to your practice by folding the blanket under your knees in cat cow or placing along the spine for a gentle bend during savasana.

What is the point of a yoga blanket?

One of the most versatile props, however, is the yoga blanket. It stands in the gap when flexibility isn’t up to par, helps cushion certain poses (such as shoulder stands) and provides warmth as you slip into Savasana and can be folded to replace a block or rolled to replace a bolster.

What are Mexican blankets good for?

Mexican blankets make for great rugs for the same reason they make great yoga mats. Their padding and their texture help soften a floor. Additionally, their color schemes hide dirt a lot better than more traditional patterns or colors, which means they can be used in high-traffic areas.

Can you put a Mexican blanket in the washing machine?

Set the washing machine water temperature to cold or delicate. Most blankets and towels should be washed with warm water, but many of the Mexican products are hand-woven or -loomed, and they often use various threads throughout. … Once the washing cycle is complete, re-shape and lay blanket on a flat surface to dry.

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How do you care for a Mexican blanket?


  1. Fold the blankets in half along the long center fold line (see above) before putting in the washing machine.
  2. Depending on machine size, 3 or 4 blankets will usually fit per load.
  3. Use a lightly scented detergent. …
  4. Wash on a cold, delicate cycle.
  5. Do not use fabric softener.

Can I do yoga on a blanket?

Yoga Blankets

If it’s simply used for warmth, weight, or as a cushion to your mat, then any blanket will likely work. If the blanket is to be used as a sitting prop for under your hips or to support a knee, a regular blanket or towel will usually also be fine.

Why do Mexicans wear blankets over their shoulder?

A garment for all occasions

While the serape got its start as utilitarian garment for farm laborers, it has widely been used amongst many different social classes, including Mexican nobles who would drape colorful serapes over their shoulders while attending social events.

Why do people use Mexican blankets for yoga?

Mexican blankets are the optimal choice for yoga enthusiasts who want to get the most from their blanket. … The textured weave material on Mexican blankets allows yogis to exercise barefoot and enables movements such as stretching the hands in challenging poses.

How do you Unshrink a Mexican blanket?

Lay the throw flat on a large bath towel or linen throw (or any large piece of fabric) and place another piece of fabric on top. Press down and continue to squeeze water out of the throw until both the upper and lower pieces of fabric have absorbed most of the moisture.

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How do you wash a Mexican woven blanket?

We recommend that you wash your blanket on cold and dry it on a low temperature. You can also hang the blanket out to air dry and then do a quick cycle in the dryer at a low temperature to fluff it up a bit. We’ve washed tons of our blankets like this and have never had an issue.

Should you wash a new cotton blanket?

So washing a new cotton or linen blanket in cold water before using it and then drying it on low heat should reduce the amount of shrinkage later on, if you need to use hot water. … For regular cleanings, I wash blankets in cold water (or, if a blanket seems grimy, in warm water) a few times a year.

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