14.3 Musings & 14.4 Excitement

by Rob on March 19th, 2014

Jenny captures 14.3 at Arena Ready
Open workout 14.3 brought with it deadlifts and box jumps, and Arena Ready finished an impressive 5th overall out of all gyms in the NorCal Region (which also includes Hawaii).  Individually, Hillary and Liz finished 5th and 6th, respectively, and Molly F finished 54th - this is out of nearly 3,000 total women competing in our region.  Laura K finished well inside in the top 20% of all women in NorCal, cruising through her 14.3 performance.  Tony finished 26th out of 4,000+ men competing in the region - an impressive feat considering he's just working his way back after coming to us following some knee rehab for an old injury.  Lisa I had an inspiring performance, making her way through the deadlifts with steadfast focus - all of this just 1 year after back surgery and rehab following a bad deadlift performed at another gym.  It wasn't long ago she'd thought she may never be able to deadlift ever again... the performance brought tears to several of our eyes.

The top AR finishers aside, we had impressive showings across the board.  Folks deadlifting PR weight multiple times, athletes surpassing scores they thought unattainable, people stopping when they should (& pushing harder when they should), and the usual vigorous support of fellow members and teammates completing the workout.  But what we're most proud of is the fact that just about everyone made good decisions during the workout and proved that there is such a thing as the co-existence of mechanics AND intensity (no, they are not mutually exclusive).  We're happy to see you all back in the gym the following week, continuing to work toward getting better - sore and happy, not broken and discouraged.

Last week the internet swirled with criticisms of 14.3, citing the potentially injurous nature of higer rep deadlifts for time, and the tendancy for many to throw mechanics and positioning out the window in the midst of the cheers and screams of their friends and fellow athletes.  Pictures and videos of rounded backs and awful reps made their way around social media, fanning the fire and giving haters more fuel for their arguments... CrossFit is stupid, this type of workout is dumb, this is a guarantee of injury.   

Is it though?  For instance, if you've been skiing for 3 months and one day decide "F it, I'm going down that black diamond" and you break your leg in the process - is it skiing's fault, or is that user error?

We finished 5th overall as a collective group.  We never once saw anything dumb.  We saw a couple of occassions where it was getting a little sketchy and we said something immediately.  I did.  Sarah did.  Our coaches did.  Your friends did.  

Kathy C posted a video on Facebook which contained an entire heat of 14.3, from beginning to end.  We watched the whole thing and grinned the entire time.  It displayed intensity, mechanics, intelligence, and camraderie, not to mention athletes deadlifting well over their bodyweight for many reps.

We're really proud of you all.  And we're happy to think about that fact that for the rest of your life you'll know how to properly pick something up from the floor - your groceries, your grandchild, your furniture.

We do what we do inside of AR so you can be better outside of AR.  And you guys nailed it on 14.3. 
OK, so 14.4 will be announced on Thursday at 5pm.  We'll be watching so feel free to join us as the workout is released, and as Games athletes Scott Panchik and Josh Bridges duel it out to set the score for the rest of the world to beat.

Just two more workouts to go before the 2014 Open is over.  What's it going to be for 14.4? 
Lastly, for those interested, we have AR water bottles and snapback hats (the foam/mesh kind) available for sale at the gym.  The bottles are $8 each and the hats are $15 each.

Our sweatshirts are shipping in the next week (supposedly), and a new T-shirt order will be placed soon as well (so look out for a pre-order request for those)!

WOD for 03-20-14:

3-Position Power Snatch (High Hang, Knee, Floor):


For Time:
Row 1000m
3 Rounds of:
10 Pull-ups
20 Kettlebell Swings @ 53/35 lbs
200 Double Unders

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